Those Magnificent Voyagers of the Pacific

Book Author & Illustrator Andrew Crowe & Rick Fisher
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This epic story begins 5000 years ago, when the ancestors of Polynesians discovered ways to ‘see’ over the horizon to find and settle new islands. As their landfinding skills grew, these people took ever bigger strides across the vast Pacific until they reached South America. It was not until almost every habitable island scattered across the world’s largest ocean was discovered and settled that others would gain the skills and courage to head far from shore, allowing two great voyaging traditions to meet.

About the Author
Andrew Crowe has written over 40 books, including Pathway of the Birds: The Voyaging Achievements of Māori and their Polynesian Ancestors. Born in England to Irish immigrant parents, he reached Aotearoa by ship at the age of 20 and is a recipient of the country’s top honour for children’s literature, the Margaret Mahy Medal.

Notable Book Award winner 2023

About the Illustrator
Rick Fisher
has a natural talent for telling stories through his artwork, with a special focus on tangata whenua, kaitiakitanga (protection and guardianship of the environment) and historical themes. He is of Rarotongan, Tahitian and Māori (Ngāti Maru) descent.


David Bateman Ltd

64 pp

235 x 305mm




Age range 8–12 years or 13–14 with reading difficulties

Publication Date

October 2023

Rights Available:
World excl. NZ

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Paul Bateman

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