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Guidelines for Submission

New Zealand Books is a central portal where you will find fiction, non fiction and chidren’s literature available for international rights sales from publishers across Aotearoa New Zealand. The site features books published by independent and multi-national publishers that demonstrate strong international appeal.

The aim of the portal is to provide opportunities to connect with international publishers, literary agents and scouts all year round, uninhibited by international travel limitations. We also anticipate that the site will support publishers’ presence at book fairs, while enabling those unable to travel to build international relationships.

The portal has been supported by funding received through the International Programme at Creative New Zealand and we welcome submissions from trade publishers in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Criteria for Inclusion

Please use the details below to guide your selection and consider submitting:
• Books with strong international appeal that have been published in the past three years
• Forthcoming titles with a strong international appeal
• Books from your backlist that have demonstrated international appeal and still have some potential for further rights sales

Eligibility and Conditions of Submission

  1. The portal features trade books of any category (including children’s, fiction, non-fiction).
  2. Submissions are open to books already published or planned for publication three months from the time of submission.
  3. The books must have been published or be planned for publication in English or te reo Māori by writers who are New Zealand citizens or who are resident in New Zealand.
  4. Each publisher should submit a minimum of 6 books for inclusion on the portal. Please contact us if you have fewer than 6 books to submit.
  5. Up to 6 new books can be added per publisher for each update.
  6. International rights must be available for all submitted books.
  7. Books must be submitted by the publisher or person who holds the international rights.
  8. PANZ may request additional supporting material and we will unfortunately be unable to return anything that we receive.
  9. PANZ will respond to your request for submission within 3 weeks of the deadline date.

Submission Dates

Please send through the details listed above by the following date:

MONDAY 14 November 2022

We will respond to you within 3 weeks of submitting your titles.


There is currently no charge for PANZ members to have their books included on the portal, however, please note that this may change in the future. For those who aren’t members of PANZ, there is a charge of $25 (+GST) per book to cover administration costs.

We would like to acknowledge Creative New Zealand’s support for the PANZ International Programme.

For information on the international promotion of educational publishers from Aotearoa please go to

Expression of Interest Form
For publishers not already featured on the site

If you are a publisher and would like your books included on this site, please complete the below expression of interest form and someone will be in touch with next steps.