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Auckram Publishing Ltd is Don Auckram & Sue Heazlewood. We created this self-publishing company to produce and publish our own books. We trade under the brand Tangleby Gardens. Since October 2022 we have published four books. Two children’s book, in a series called ‘Tails of Tangleby Gardens’, and two adult recipe books, series called ‘A Table at Tangleby’. The children series focus on woodland creatures, created by author Sue Heazlewood, and their adventures. There are 10 chapters with over 13,000 words. The two main characters are rabbits, Montgomery & Marmalade. They enjoy cooking so in every chapter there are recipes, with QR-codes, and rated on three levels of ability from very easy to some skill required. Each book is filled with over 180 illustrations drawn by Jane Smith. These are great adult child bonding books suitable for age group 2-12 years. We will be publishing Tails of Tangleby Garden 3 later in 2024, and at present working on Tails 4 for publication in 2025. In November 2023 at the 29th Gourmand Best in the World Cookbook Awards two of our publications won 1st place. ‘A Table at Tangleby’ in the Entertainment category, and ‘Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2’ in the Oceana Childrens category. We are creating a brand with complimentary products being bought out every year, as mentioned the soft toy characters in 2023. In 2024 we have the Tangleby Child’s Tea-Set, apron, and tea party cookbook.


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