Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2

Book Author & Illustrator Sue Heazlewood & Jane Smith
Rights Available World excl. NZ

Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2 is the second book in the series which brings together visually stunning combination of photography and illustrations. The story follows on from Tails 1 with the adventures of woodland animals, aim at young readers and a recipe book for young cooks. Each chapter presents a new challenge to be dealt with for the creatures, and included in each chapter are recipes that children can learn to cook. The recipes are in three stages of ability highlighted by one tomato very easy, two tomato’s easy and three tomato’s some skill required. There are colour illustrations on every page, the work of Jane Smith, an artist and designer, who has succeeded brilliantly in creating the various animals, dressing them appropriately and fitting them together in scale.


Winner of the Oceania Children’s Book at the 29th Gourmand Best in the World Cookbook Awards.

About the Author

Sue Heazlewood, a grandmother of two, says “What I’ve always wanted – and what I wanted for the children – is what I’ve created now.” I find that the Tails of Tangleby Gardens series with the recipes helps bond children with parents, by reading the stories to young ones and then learning to cook the recipes together from the book.


Auckram Publishers


260mm x 210mm (portrait)


Children’s Picture Book

Children’s story with recipes

Age Range
2-12 years

Publication Date
October 2022

Rights Available:
World excl. NZ

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Don Auckram

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When I picked up this hardback picture book sized creation I knew immediately I was in the presence of something special...Check it out, it is adorable. Good read-a-loud for pre schoolers and juniors and for kids up to 10 years old. A quality publication.

Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2 is a delightful and unique book that encourages a love of storytelling and cooking, everything done so it has a timeless quality with the story, illustrations and recipes. This is a book that will be passed down the generations.

Karen McMillan, NZ Book Lovers

Unsurprisingly, this book has been nominated in two categories of the 2023 Gourmand Awards for Food and Drink Culture: Illustrations and Oceania Children Books. Another related book—A Table at Tangleby Gardens—was also nominated in the Entertaining section. I’d recommend this book for anyone wanting to create some special Christmas time rituals with their children.

Emma Rutherford, The Sapling