EM-PA-THY: The Human Side of Leadership

Book Author Harold Hillman
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Empathy is a major component of EQ, the ability to connect with another person based on your willingness to experience them without judgement.

That experience is ultimately about being able to understand the person, feel with them, and ultimately take action that will make a difference. This book unpacks the three dimensions of empathy, to make them real for leaders who appreciate the value of human connection. It is an essential read for anyone who:

  • wants to explore emotional intelligence more deeply
  • is leading a team through a particularly tough challenge
  • wants to master the art of connection more effectively
  • is building a diverse and inclusive team culture
  • runs a company and wants to grow a culture where there is a strong sense of belonging

Empathy is no longer optional for leaders who strive for deeper connection. Become a leader who others truly want to follow.

About the Author
Harold Hillman is the managing director of Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group. He coaches business leaders and executive teams to be more purposeful about leadership and what it means to inspire others toward greater possibilities.

Prior to Sigmoid Curve, Harold served in senior executive roles with Fonterra, Prudential Financial, and Amoco Corporation. These roles followed his earlier career as a clinical psychologist, including his time as a closeted gay officer in the US Air Force. His first book, The Impostor Syndrome, was Whitcoulls Business Book of the Year in 2013. His second book, Fitting In Standing Out, was followed by a TedX Talk, both of which reinforced the importance of authentic leadership. www.sigmoidcurve.com


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August 2021

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This book is a vital guide that will greatly assist people to analyse and change their own behaviour and impact positively on the culture of their organisations.

Dame Fran Wilde

Harold Hillman’s book EM-PA-THY – The Human Side of Leadership is a well-timed and useful overview of why empathy in the work context is a necessary aspect of organisational success, something that employees and employers alike can enhance via some simple yet effective tools.

Lauren Keenan, Kete Books