Jason Mason and the Flightless Bird Fiasco

Book Authors Jason Gunn and Andrew Gunn 

Rights Available World excl. NZ

Jason Mason is a pretty average kid. The kind of kid who gets to play a dog in the school play. The kind of kid who buys a hotdog and drops it on the ground. The kind of kid who believes his classmate when she says she owns a Maserati. The kind of kid who is, actually, a secret agent.

Wait . . . what?

You won’t believe what happens when a giant, extinct, flightless bird is spotted in Palmerston North. This book is sure to make you want to read more of Jason Mason’s out-of-this-world adventures!

About the Authors

Jason Gunn is a household name for most Kiwis with TV shows including The Son of a Gunn Show, What Now, Dancing with the Stars, Wheel of Fortune and The Rich List!

Andrew Gunn is a talented writer who has long worked behind-the-scenes as a writer on his brother Jason’s various screen and stage productions.



David Bateman Ltd

200 pp

200 x 150mm



Junior Fiction

Age range
7–10 years

Publication Date

October 2023

Rights Available:
World excl. NZ

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Paul Bateman,bateman@bateman.co.nz

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