Jack & Sandy

Book Author and Illustrator Bob Kerr
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New Zealand, 2001
Jack and his best mate Eddie have finished high school, but before they make any decisions about their future they are embarking on a week-long kayaking adventure. Unkbeknown to Jack’s father, this trip includes a mission to meet Jack’s long-estranged grandfather, Sandy.

Scotland, 1931
Sandy and his best mate Billy have limited prospects in their shipbuilding town. They both become merchant seamen. When World War II breaks out, Sandy finds himself on a dangerous convoy to the besieged island of Malta. This fateful voyage has long-lasting ramifications for his family and future.

Jack & Sandy is an adventure story told across three generations — a story about friendship, family and the devastating effects of war. Written and illustrated with graphic novel sections by Bob Kerr, the award-winning illustrator of Terry Teo.

About the Author
Bob Kerr is a painter and illustrator who has written and illustrated several children’s books and won many awards for his work. He is most well-known for Terry Teo and the Gunrunners, with Stephen Ballantyne, which was adapted for television twice.


David Bateman Ltd

104 pp

245 x 170 mm



Young Adult; Graphic Novel

Age range 11-15 years

Publication Date

June 2023

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World excl. NZ

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