Fine Line: Twelve Environmental Sculptures Encircle the Earth

Book Authors Martin Hill & Philippa Jones
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In 1995, two adventurous artists decided to follow their hearts, creative instincts and life principles and embark on a global environmental art project. They began by drawing a symbolic line around the earth. This line connected twelve remote mountain locations around the world. The plan was to travel to those extreme locations and to construct in each an ephemeral sculpture made exclusively from natural materials found at each site. Starting and finishing in New Zealand, the sculptures would eventually return to the nature from which they were made, enduring only in the mind (and in photographs) as an artistic evocation of the temporary and interconnected nature of life.

Fine Line is Hill and Jones’ personal story of a 25-year commitment to art and to nature. The Fine Line they express with their stories and breath-taking photography speaks to the fundamental disconnect of our time ― humanity’s fractured relationship with nature. Over 200 superb photographs accompanied by compelling essays by international specialists in systems theory, climate science, fine art photography and regenerative design further elaborate on the artists’ ecological philosophy. The end result is a book that is breathtaking, timely and inspiring.

About the Author
Martin Hill is an award-winning designer and artist who has worked in the UK, Kenya, Australia, and has lived in New Zealand since 1974. He became an environmental artist in 1992.

Phillipa Jones studied English and Art History at the University of Auckland and Victoria University of Wellington. She has worked as a weaver and writer.

Hill and Jones have collaborated to make land art since they met as climbers in 1994. Hill’s photographs of the Fine Line sculptures have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, and Europe. Their work has been awarded at Pingyao International Photography Festival China, Arte Laguna Venice, and it has also received a FAPA international award. In 2007, a book of Hill and Jones’ sculptures, Earth to Earth, was published internationally. They live and work in Wanaka, NZ.


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November 2021

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Martin Hill and Philippa Jones have been selected by non-profit initiative Plus Wonder — alongside Desmond and Leah Tutu; Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel; and Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter — as one of 50 inspiring partnerships working towards a better world and a better life through conversations, films, digital platforms and books.

Fine Line project offers an attractive alternative to the knock-‘em off machismo often associated with mountaineering and the book which would be a handsome addition to any coffee-table, speaks with eloquence, sincerity and visual panache about the need for genuine connection between communities and the natural environment.

Paul Simei-Barton, Kete