Your Soul is Wintering: Rediscovering joy after baby loss

Book Author Annie Anderson
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A stunningly written memoir about navigating the grief of miscarriage. More than just a book about baby loss, however, this book is for anyone who has lost something or someone dear to them, and is learning how to open themselves up to healing and being happy again.

Deeply moving, insightful, articulate expression of the grief, loss and recovery process associated with miscarriage. Globally, it is estimated that 23 million women lose a pregnancy through miscarriage or still birth every year. However, this is not just a book for those who have experienced baby loss, but for anyone who has faced a great hardship and lost their joy. Encourages and affirms the reader to be an active participant in their own life journey. Weaves in quotes from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and Auschwitz survivor, Edith Eger. Offers a critical perspective of a society that denies women the right to grieve properly if their baby died in the first or second term of pregnancy (ie: still classified as a ‘foetus’). Advice for friends and family in how to support a loved one who has experienced baby loss.

About the Author
Annie Anderson has always had a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others. She has a Bachelor of Education (BEd) and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (Grad Dip) and as a secondary educator devotes her time to empowering New Zealand youth and equipping them with the tools and skills to realise their potential. Annie lives in Christchurch with her family — her husband Rob, three gorgeous earthside children Jai, Arabella and Rose and two angels that watch on from above.


David Bateman Ltd


234 x 153 mm

Paperback with flaps

Non Fiction

Memoir & Biography

Publication Date
October 2021

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World excl. NZ

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Paul Bateman, David Bateman Ltd

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This is a book that will be really comforting for those who have been through the painful process of miscarriage. Annie has a lovely way with words, you can really feel her level of care for those in pain.

Toni Street

Your Soul is Wintering is a quietly brave, achingly beautiful and insightful, articulate expression of the grief, loss and recovery process of baby loss.

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