Life Hacks for Cats

Book Author & Illustrator Grant Dyson & Ross Hamilton
Rights Available World excl. NZ

Nine lives’ worth of wisdom, guaranteed to help cats keep their humans in line and ensure every cat has the most comfortable life possible. A humorous illustrated guide to ‘training your human’ written from the perspective of Bean the Tonkinese. Includes chapters such as ‘Pick Your Human Carefully’, ‘The Tap Tap Method (a.k.a ‘Tap the Face’) and ‘A Warning: Watch Where You Poop’. Debunks all the myths and contests every less-than-flattering stereotype about cats. Cat lovers will adore this cute gift book that elevates cats to their rightful place: kings and queens of the household.

About the Author

Grant Dyson is a writer, surfer and ebike enthusiast. He and his wife Reta have two cats, a young Tonkinese named Arnie and a large black and white moggy, Pussy Pete (sadly Bean passed away shortly after dictating this manuscript to his ‘human’ Grant). His previous books include New Zealand Surfers (Penguin) and the guidebook The Best of Tauranga. He also produces and sells photographic prints that feature classic Kiwi surfboards and logos.

Ross Hamilton is a freelance illustrator who has worked with brands such as Jess’ Underground Kitchen, NZ International Comedy Festival, Electric Chicken and Basement Theatre. His work has been seen on magazine covers such as Unlimited, and featured on websites like His illustrations feature in the children’s picture books Goat on a Trampoline (by Amy Harrap) and Ah Choo! (by Angela Walker).


Bateman Books


175 x 142mm

Hardback PLC

Non Fiction


Publication Date
April 2021

Rights Available:
World excl. NZ

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Paul Bateman, David Bateman Ltd

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This charming gift-sized hardback is a delight! Written from the point of view of Bean the Tonkinese, this is a quirky and fun book that shows the world from a cat’s perspective.

Karen McMillan, NZ Booklovers

I couldn’t put the book down, not just because of the completely charming and quirky watercolour illustrations of cat’s expressions by Ross Hamilton, but also because Bean has a sublime sense of humour which captures those ironic moments between cat and human.

Rosalie Liddle Crawford, The Weekend Sun