Nine Lives: Expeditions to Everest

Book Author Robert Mads Anderson
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Robert Mads Anderson is an elite mountaineer who has long held a solitary goal: to conquer Everest. Features 32 pages of colour photography, chosen from a broad selection of images that have appeared in magazines such as National Geographic Adventure and Sports Illustrated.
Incorporates a who’s who of internationally recognised climbers. Traces the story of Everest, from the big, nationally supported expeditions of the 1980s; through the small teams forging new routes and climbing solo; to the commercially guided expeditions of today. Set against the majestic backdrop of the world’s tallest peak. Anderson’s nine Everest expeditions set over 18 years defines what truly drives a human being to the greatest of heights. Includes a foreword by Peter Hillary.

About the Author
ROBERT MADS ANDERSON is based in Manchester and is the author of Seven Summits Solo, To Everest via Antarctica and Antonovs over the Arctic: Flying to the North Pole in a Russian Biplane. He led the ascent of a new route on the Kangshung Face, ascending without Sherpas or oxygen, before going on to ascend the remaining of the 7 Summits Solo. He has both written for and been written about in a wide number of newspapers and publications, including the New York Times and the Sunday Times in London.



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1 November 2021

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World excl. NZ, UK and France

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Robert loves the environment of mountains, the challenge of mountains, the camaraderie built upon their flanks and the uncertainty that mountains toss into our lives.

Peter Hilary

Robert Mads Anderson has just written one of the best books ever published about climbing Everest

Roger Foley, Wilderness Magazine

It’s refreshing to read a book about Everest that affords the same dignity to a commercial ascent up the Southeast Ridge with ordinary folk such as my dear old friend Bunter, who reached The Balcony with Robert in 2010, as it does to a death-defying dash up the Kangshung Face with the great Stephen Venables

Mark Horrell, Footsteps on the Mountain,