The Olive Tree in My Kitchen: Recipes, reflections and travels

Book Author Helen Melser
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A homage to the humble yet versatile olive tree. From ancient to modern times, this extraordinary plant has provided us with a multitude of health benefits and a wealth of culinary possibilities. Woven throughout this beautiful book are insightful reflections from Helen Melser as she takes us on a journey to different olive-growing countries and introduces us to irresistible recipes using not only the olive, but the flower and leaf too. Among these you will find Chocolate Olives, Olive Flower Champagne, Melt-in-the-mouth Olive Shortbread and even Crispy Beer-battered Olives. Including the latest research on how the olive can support your overall health and well-being, The Olive Tree in My Kitchen is the perfect book for any olive lover out there.

About the Author
Helen Melser runs the boutique business Elaia Gourmet Olives and has travelled extensively, visiting olive groves around the world, where she has compared notes with fellow olive growers and producers, exchanging recipes, ideas and connection over a shared love of all things olive. Her international olive adventures included competing in the first World Olive Picking Championships on the Croatian island of Brac. Helen is incredibly passionate about creating recipes that utilise as much of the olive tree, in as many ways, as possible.



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1 November 2021

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World excl. NZ

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Anyone who loves trying their hand at creating healthy new recipes which make use of extra virgin olive oil, olives or olive leaves will find much to inspire them in this book.

Lyn Potter, NZ Book Lovers