4 Yaks and a Yeti

Book Author and Illustrator Peter Hillary & Ant Sang
Rights Available World excl. NZ

High in the foothills of the Himalayas, a young Nepalese boy, Lhakpa, and his four loyal yaks ─ Yak, Nak, Zopchok and Zum ─ embark on a perilous journey to find the mythical palace, Shangri-La. On this daring adventure Lhakpa and his yaks will battle the perils of the misty mountains ─ freezing snowstorms and danger prowling in the shadows. And watching from the snow-covered peaks above lurks their greatest challenge of all ─ the legendary Yeti . . .
Written by mountaineer Peter Hillary and illustrated by award-winning artist Ant Sang, this fable of perseverance and the realisation that not everything in life is as it seems is a wonderful read for adventurers of all ages.

About the Author
Peter Hillary is the son of Sir Edmund Hillary. He is also a successful mountaineer in his own right, a philanthropist and author of six previous books. www.peterhillary.com

About the Illustrator
Ant Sang
has won awards for his graphic novels and character designs. His comics have been published in the US, UK, Canada, France, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. www.antsang.co.nz



David Bateman Ltd

32 pp

300 x 235 mm (portrait)

Hardback PLC


Picture Book

Publication Date
5 October 2022

Rights Available:
World excl. NZ

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Paul Bateman, David Bateman Ltd

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