Jungle Jazz

Book Author & Illustrator Jo van Dam & Deborah Hinde
Rights Available World excl. NZ 

Jazz sounds drift through the trees deep in the South American jungle. Creatures wriggle, shake and swing to the beat of the drums. Snake really wants to be part of the band but he has no thumbs to thrum or strum. He can’t even hum or bang on a drum! ‘Finally, he could stand it no more. After the animals went home that night, Snake slithered over to the instruments.’ What happens next is the unfolding of a hilarious tale of finding Snakes ‘hidden talent’. Gorgeously illustrated, the lush jungle foliage and deep warm tones are a perfect backdrop for the band and animals. The back cover flap reveals a surprise board game of Snakes and Ladders.

About the Author
Jo van Dam is the librarian at two Auckland primary schools and loves books and animals. She’s been a finalist for the Children’s Choice Award at the New Zealand Book Awards for the title Doggy Ditties (Scholastic NZ, 2015). Jungle Jazz is her fifth publication and second collaboration with Deborah Hinde.

Deborah Hinde is an award-winning illustrator based in rural Waikato. She has illustrated over 90 books; fiction and non-fiction with more than 40 of these picture books.


PictureBook Publishing


240mm x 250mm



Picture Book

Age Range
2-7 years

Rights Available:
World excl. NZ

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Frances Plumpton

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... Jungle is my latest love! And yes, it is a story of belonging, self-confidence, awkwardness, friendship, finding things you can shine at (not like movie STARS but little important self enhancing BEAMS). Snake desperately wants to be part of The Dung Beatles, but when he listens to the other animals congo tap and saxophone sing, he feels inadequate. What good is a snake when his lips won't pucker and he has no hands? What he decides to do next caught me by surprise! What The Dung Beatles band decide to do after that filled me with a warm glow. You can tell Jo is a poet as her sentences are like music, listen to the sweet rhymes and honey rhythms, say them out loud and hear the word music flow. Deborah's illustrations are a festival of colour and background pattern (love the leaves) but the highlight is the animal renditions - so brought to life I feel like I can hear that congo beat, that sweet saxophone trill, that electric guitar riff. ..

Paula Green - Poety Box