Odd Wolf Out (Faelan the Wolf, Book #1)

Book Author Juliette MacIver
Rights Available World excl. Australia and NZ 

The first of three funny, full-of-heart adventures in this new fantasy series that follows a gentle but determined vegetarian wolf named Faelan (which means ‘Little Wolf’ in Gaelic), who is something of a misfit, derided by the other wolves in the pack. He would rather make friends with other animals than eat them! He also likes to grow vegetables and play the harp. One day, he encounters a chicken named Avian – a clever and courageous leader on a quest to rescue her flock of enslaved barn chickens. Together Faelan and Avian embark on a hair-raising quest…

• Popular picture-book author Juliette MacIver has written a brilliant junior fiction novel trilogy, utilising her lyrical way with words in a gripping adventure story that will keep readers enthralled.

• In this first story, we meet the lovable Faelan, who has always believed himself to be an orphan, then finds his father is still alive … and it may be the terrible, fearsome white wolf, Varg!

• In the tradition of Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh and Watership Down.

Into the Lockjaws (Book #2) and Faelan the Fearless (Book #3) are also available.

About the Author
Juliette MacIver is an award-winning children’s picture book author of many Scholastic titles such as the hilarious and surprising Duck Goes Meow, winner of the 2023 New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, Best Picture Book; the wonderful Marmaduke Duck series; Henry Bob Bobbalich; Grasshoppers Dance; Tom and the Dragon; We’re Off to Find a Kiwi; Bye Bye Bye, A Mother’s Day Dilemma and The Moose and the Goose.

Juliette has a BA in Linguistics, and Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the Trinity College of London, and is part-way through a Master’s degree, also in linguistics. She lives near Wellington with her husband and four children.


Scholastic New Zealand Ltd


198 x 128 mm



Junior Fiction

Age range
8+ years

Publication Date
September 2023

Rights Available:
World excl. New Zealand and Australia

Rights Agents:


Lynette Evans, Scholastic New Zealand Ltd

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This is a brilliant story for junior and intermediate readers and is part one of three parts and I cannot wait for the others to come out. Nor will you.

Bob’s Book Blog

Main character Faelan is easy to love with his kindness for others smaller than himself, even at the cost of being excluded from much of his wolf pack’s daily lives. [...] Action, intrigue, danger and humour definitely make this series one to follow. Perfect for readers ready to move from junior novels onto middle-grade/tween.

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