Big Little Blue

Book Author Raymond McGrath
Rights Available World excl. Australia and NZ 

There are three simply illustrated, playful stories in this graphic novel-style volume, each one featuring two friends, Big Blue and Little Blue. Each story is connected by a wellbeing theme, and is designed to offer children coping strategies for navigating friendships, understanding emotional responses, and the importance of mindfulness and being yourself.

• While Book #1 SandyPants showed how to be a good friend, and Book #2 RockyBottoms introduced the importance of sometimes just doing nothing, Book #3 DoubleDippers focuses on the enjoyment we can get from helping others.

• Meet a shellfish called Whetu, a bird called Shaggy and a penguin called Allie, all in need of help! And Bigsies and Littles discover it feels good to be helpful.

• Raymond McGrath has imbued his simple illustrations with bucketloads of character and humour, while at the same time managing to get a subtle message across.

Storylines Notable Junior Fiction for RockyBottoms! (Big Little Blue, Book #2)

About the Author
Raymond McGrath is an award-winning animation director, illustrator, designer and writer who has been working in children’s television and advertising for around 20 years. As well as illustrating  books for other authors, such as the award-winning The Little Ghost Who Lost Her Boo! and Susan Brocker’s true-life animal stories, he has written and illustrated several books himself, including That’s What Dragons Do!
Raymond lives in rural Auckland with his wife and four children, some cats and a dog.


Scholastic New Zealand Ltd


229 x 153 mm



Junior Fiction

Age range
5-8 years

Publication Date
August 2023

Rights Available:
World excl. New Zealand and Australia

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Lynette Evans, Scholastic New Zealand Ltd

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Raymond starts with a simple friendship idea, and then lets that idea simmer with such an inviting mix of HUMOUR and TENDERNESS and WARMTH in the conversation between friends. Take the idea of space. Or the idea of more than one friend. Or the idea of coming and going friends. And convert these into friendship wisdoms. Genius!

Poetry Box

Set out in a graphic novel format with plenty of full page illustrated spreads among each story, the reader can enjoy these penguin’s quiet, undisturbed beach setting, as they spend time together. At the end of each story is a Fun Friend Fact – simply explaining a concept of friendship that Little Blue has just learnt.
Perfect for early primary school and all the puzzles and problems new friendships may bring, this is the first book in the series.

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