21 Hacks to Rock Your MID-Life

Book Author Cat Coluccio
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Have you hit one of those “big” birthday milestones that end with a 0?

You know the ones: the big 4-0, the big 5-0 or *gulp* the big 6-0!

And have you found yourself wondering “Is this it?”

“Is this really it?”

“Is this all my life was meant to be?”

Then you have found the right book, as Cat Coluccio, takes you through the process of releasing the emotions and memories – good and bad – of your younger years, so that you can determine the purposeful life and legacy you want to create going forward.

Follow along with practical action steps as Cat walks you through her 7 step model of :

Creating Space,
Project You,
Ready to Launch,
Lift Off
Once you’ve hit the big “4-0.”, it feels like the clock is ticking that bit faster.

Isn’t it time that you choose to truly ROCK your Midlife season and beyond?

About the Author

Cat Coluccio is a qualified Educator, Personal Trainer and Life Coach with a passion to see people empowered to ROCK their lives both in and outside of the workplace. She is a vibrant and dynamic international communicator and MC who delivers presentations that are both inspiring and full of practical take-aways that bring value long after she has left the stage.


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5.5 x 8.5 inch


Non Fiction

Health & Wellbeing, Self help, Midlife, Personal Development

Publication Date
May 2020

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Cat's book is a must read to give you the tools and the best hacks from the inside out and outside in! This book is going to become the bible for Midlife women to live their best life at Midlife and Beyond. It's filled with practical tips to get you jump started on making those life changes you've always wanted to make but didn't know how.

Catherine Grace O'Connell, CEO & Founder of The Forever Fierce Revolution