Takahe Maths

Book Author & IllustratorJulie Ellis & Isobel Te Aho-White
Rights Available World excl. NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands. 

A unique approach to the study of maths, conservation, history and storytelling this picture book tells the story of a bird, the takahē, which was once thought to be extinct. The story starts before the arrival of any humans and with each turn of the page we see the affects of man, animal, development, and ultimately conservation, as the mathematical equation deducts and adds to the population numbers. The maths equations are given as much importance as the text.

About the Author
Julie Ellis
is a very experienced writer in the field of education Julie has a number of works published by Learning Media, New Holland, Reed Education and others.

Isobel Te Aho-White is a young but experienced illustrator. “My personal artwork is definitely about connecting people with each other and with nature … uplifting people, especially young women, and raising understanding and compassion toward people that are struggling in life” Izzy remarks.


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Non-Fiction (Facts retold in Fiction)

Publication Date
October 2020

Rights Available:
World excl. NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

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Christine Dale, OneTree House

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To structure the narrative of an endangered bird around a series of maths equations is genius. You get to add and subtract as you read, and to grasp how important conservation is in Aotearoa.

Excellent illustrations that give the birds and scenes life. Takahē Maths is a brilliant book.

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This book combines conservation, evolution, math and history in this delightful picture book about one of NZ’s native birds.

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