The Alexandrite

Book Author Dione Jones
Rights Available World Excl NZ

The English upper-class given a dose of kiwi common sense is perhaps the best way to describe this debut novel from Dione Jones. The Alexandrite is set both in England and New Zealand.

Who is the stranger found dead in the woods, outside Pamela Lady Scawton’s family home? Why was he carrying a stone that changes colour and a threatening letter?

The quest leads from World War One to the present day and from an English village to New Zealand farmland, to discover how past events are intertwined with the present. To unravel the mystery Pamela is forced to confront truths that shatter her beliefs about her family and their place in the world.

The Alexandrite is a story of class conflict, hidden sins, and deceit. There are glimpses back into the past, to a shell-shocked Scawton son who was dispatched to New Zealand, to a maid in the house who emigrated after becoming pregnant and to England at war. Just how Pamela discovers the strands and how they link up makes for a moving narrative which changes family attitudes at both ends of the world.

About the Author
Dione Jones attempted to write her first book at aged 10. She was born in England and grew up in countryside where she could ride her pony to explore the surrounding National Trust common land. She achieved a B.A. at Trinity College, Dublin and then worked for an aeroplane salesman and learnt to fly, before venturing to New Zealand to help set up a laboratory to collect animal blood.

Married to Chris, she followed his involvement in farming, polo and property. They have two adult children and three grandchildren and live in south Auckland. Apart from her family, dogs and horses, she is interested in the environment we live in, historical changes in society – and, of course, good books and writing. Dione Jones holds a Master of Creative Writing degree from AUT in Auckland.