The Time Lizard’s Archaeologist

Book Author Trisha Hanifin
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2016. Auckland psychologist, Jason Winston, grieving over the death of his sister and increasingly disorientated by dreams and visions, begins to experience an alternate reality. Here he encounte Aja, a woman on a mission to discover who destroyed her village and stole their powerful source of fuel. 2026. Auckland sufferes an ecologicial crisis: the bee population is almost wiped out and the human population exposed to a debilitating virus. 2036. A time of increasing food shortages, growing unrest and the influence of ‘The Flock’ which promises a haven for young people fearful of the future. Jason is approached by Griffin, troubled by her own disturbing dreams and visions. Can Jason help her find a way to comprehend the past, survive the present and create a better future?

About the Author
Originally from Timaru where she grew up in a large working-class family, Trish Hanifin works in adult education, specialising in adult literacy and foundation studies and developing teaching resources in a range of organisations. A graduate of the Masters of Creative Writing programme at AUT University, her writing has been published in a number of literary journals and anthologies. The unpublished manuscript of The Time Lizard’s Archaeologist was awarded second palce in the Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit awards in 2019.


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234 x 152mm


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Science Fiction & Fantasy

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This novel is beautifully written and well structured. Interweaving past, present and future, it explores such concepts as Carl Jung's collective unconscious and the effect of the destruction of our environment on human experience, yet never at the expense of the narrative and characterisation

Joan Rosier-Jones