Flowers for Friends

Book Author Julia Atkinson-Dunn
Rights Available World, excluding Australia, New Zealand and UK

This is a book about flower arranging from the perspective of a gardener. Harvesting from the garden means short, wonky stems, bruised petals, insects crawling out of blooms and the open invitation to claim a weed or vege as vase fodder. Unlike the demands that florists are under to produce perfection, we at home are only out to please ourselves, or if they are lucky, our friends.

It’s easy to lose ourselves in the fast pace of life, family, work and global events beyond our control. Moments of meditation, creativity and connecting with nature are often difficult to find, but we are well reminded of the benefits when we do – the pinching
of 30 minutes in a day to wander with secateurs in hand and the calm comfort in playing with foliage and flowers to be enjoyed during daily, domestic life. Flowers for Friends is both a reflection, and story of the seasons brought indoors by Julia Atkinson-Dunn when harvesting from her garden and foraging in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Written in her signature casual tone (as seen in her first book Petal Power), Julia offers an accessible guide to picking, conditioning and arranging homegrown treasures, celebrating their quirks and encouraging unexpected combinations. Seasonal chapters profile arrangements she has made, detailing plants in season and inviting readers to play without the hunt for perfection, or restraint.

As with Petal Power, all the flowers and plants used in Flowers for Friends can be grown in any temperate climate across the globe.

About the Author
Julia is an established and trusted voice in the online creative community with her design blog and social channels; Studio Home, created as the first of its kind in NZ in 2008.

Julia’s focus from interior to exterior happened swiftly with a move to a Christchurch villa complete with garden in 2017. With no previous knowledge she began her adventure of transforming the largely shrub filled backyard into a seasonal, floral haven that reflected her personal style. However, the lack of a picture heavy, local guide aimed solely at beginners was missing from her shelf – a prospect she has moved to remedy to help others.

Petal Power is presented with a modern, friendly tone in reflection of her voice and writing enjoyed by her followers online.
She is excited to share her passion for gardening, reflecting the immense benefits and release she has discovered in reconnecting with the seasons.


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Koa Press

192pp plus cover

260mm x 200 portrait

Paperback with specialist linen-look stock and gatefold


General Non-Fiction / Gardening

Publication Date
February 2022

Rights Available:
World, excluding Australia, New Zealand and UK

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Tonia Shuttleworth

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Whether you are an aspiring florist or an inspired gardener, Flowers for Friends is so much more than a how to book, it is a true expression of the delight and the unencumbered joy that flowers can bring to our everyday lives’.

Melanie Stapleton, Cecilia Fox