The Untamed Thread

Book Author Fleur Woods
Rights Available World, excluding Australia, New Zealand and UK

The Untamed Thread is the story of Fleur Wood’s journey from corporate world to creative life woven with generous doses of the practical ways you can bring more creativity into your own life.

Taking cues from the natural world we wander through Fleur’s contemporary fibre art practice to encourage and support you to find your own creative path.

With beautiful imagery showcasing Fleur’s enchanting stitch work and the surrounding landscape, this is a creative guide that invites you into her art studio based in rural New Zealand. Her practice is as untamed as the New Zealand landscape that inspires her, free of rules, guided by intuition and joy in the process.

Together we explore colour, texture, flora, textiles and stitch alongside the magic moments, happy accidents, perfect coincidences and ridiculous randomness of the creative process.

Chapters include Fleurs inspiring backstory, through to inspiration she takes from nature to create her art, to more practical chapters showcasing her favourite stitches, steps on fabric dying, and advice on threads, needles and fabrics to use.

Embracing the slow, contemplative nature of stitch we can reconnect our creative spirits to reimagine embroidery as a contemporary tool for mark making.

This book wraps you in a warm blanket of nostalgia, grounds you in nature and inspires your senses to allow you to travel down your own creative path gathering all the precious little details meant for you along the way.

About the Author

Fleur Woods is a contemporary fibre artist based in Upper Moutere, New Zealand. Fleur’s practice is largely self taught and inspired by the landscapes and nature she is surrounded with.

Celebrated and collected world wide, Fleur’s work has been exhibited in New York, Melbourne, Sydney and NZ.

Having taught over 5000 people to date both in person and online Fleur’s natural, authentic and kind approach to sharing her unique pathways to creativity is embraced across the globe. With an ever growing dedicated following of over 30,000 organic connections on socials it’s evident that the creative community love what Fleur has to offer and sharing her process and learnings generously in book form will be a welcome addition to allow her established and engaged audience to connect even more deeply with her.


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Koa Press


260mm x 200 portrait

Paperback with specialist linen-look stock and gatefold


General Non-Fiction / Crafting/ Embroidery

Publication Date
November 2023

Rights Available:
World, excluding Australia, New Zealand and UK

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Tonia Shuttleworth

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