Petal Power

Book Author Julia Atkinson-Dunn
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A book to inspire starting a garden to feed your soul – indoors and out!

Petal Power is written in reflection of Julia Atkinson-Dunn’s own adventure as a beginner gardener, sharing a fun selection of flowering plants that can be grown in her homeland of New Zealand and any temperate climate across the globe including the UK, US, Scandinavia and Europe. It’s the friendly volume she wished she could have got her hands on while still sussing out her perennials from her annuals.

In addition to 12 plant profiles tested and photographed in her own garden, the book helpfully demystifies garden lingo and offers ideas for homegrown seasonal arrangements. The result is an invaluable guide, encouraging new gardeners to experiment further with confidence.

Written with a casual, relatable tone, Petal Power provides a friendly partner in your flower gardening experience, effectively demonstrating the benefits of reconnecting with the seasons regardless of the size of your space.

‘Patience is enforced by Mother Nature, the instant gratification of our modern lives blown out the window. There are no negatives, only a gentle opening of the eyes to find nature again, all on your own terms. Have a go!’ – Julia Atkinson-Dunn.

Finalist in The Best Design Awards 2021

About the Author
Julia is an established and trusted voice in the online creative community with her design blog and social channels; Studio Home, created as the first of its kind in NZ in 2008.

Julia’s focus from interior to exterior happened swiftly with a move to a Christchurch villa complete with garden in 2017. With no previous knowledge she began her adventure of transforming the largely shrub filled backyard into a seasonal, floral haven that reflected her personal style. However, the lack of a picture heavy, local guide aimed solely at beginners was missing from her shelf – a prospect she has moved to remedy to help others.

Petal Power is presented with a modern, friendly tone in reflection of her voice and writing enjoyed by her followers online.
She is excited to share her passion for gardening, reflecting the immense benefits and release she has discovered in reconnecting with the seasons.


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Koa Press

192pp plus cover

260mm x 200 portrait

Paperback with specialist linen-look stock and gatefold


General Non-Fiction / Gardening

Publication Date
November 2021

Rights Available:
World, excluding Australia, New Zealand and UK

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Tonia Shuttleworth

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Kiwi blogger Julia Atkinson-Dunn documents her own adventures as a beginner gardener in her first book. After discovering a passion for gardening, she couldn't find a picture heavy local guide aimed at beginners -so wrote and photographed her own. It's a book of two halves, beginning with a good digestible advice on types of plants, tools you'll need, plant care and design principles. But it's mostly given over to celebrating her 12 favourite plants which are largely whimsical such as cosmos, sweet peas and snapdragons. It has lovely photographs and rounds out with a guide to picking and arranging, and has recommendations for other resources.


Julia Atkinson-Dunn's new book is a bible for new and enthusiastic gardeners

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