Auckland: The Twentieth-Century Story

Book Author Paul Moon
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Auckland in 1999 would have been unrecognisable to the city’s residents at the beginning of the twentieth century — the result of dramatic changes in populations, cultures, beliefs, aspirations and senses of itself.

Auckland: The Twentieth-Century Story journeys through the mosaic of cultures and lifestyles, anxieties and hopes, disasters and triumphs, virtues and vices that led to this transformation.

Drawing on diaries, oral history, newspapers and other media, Paul Moon explores themes including housing, gardening, the harbours, tangata whenua struggles, shopping culture, the immigrant experience and the pervading sense that Auckland was simultaneously at the edge of the world yet at its centre.

About the Author
Paul Moon (ONZM) is a professor of history at the Auckland University of Technology and the author of more than 30 books of history and biography. He specialises in Māori history, the Treaty of Waitangi and early Crown rule in New Zealand. A fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Royal Society of Arts, he is a frequent commentator on television and radio. Paul lives with his wife and children in Hobsonville, Auckland.


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240 x 160 mm portrait, paperback

Non Fiction


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April 2023

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