Making Space: A history of New Zealand women architects

Book Author Edited by Elizabeth Cox
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Overlooked, underpaid, and often undermined, New Zealand women architects have faced decades of struggle to maintain a position in a male-dominated profession yet their work has been both important and of significance. This groundbreaking new book tells the story of their contribution to the creativity, built environment and community of New Zealand.

Written by leading women architects, both in practice and in academia, the book’s bold, vivid chapters surface dozens of remarkable women, including many whose careers had until now almost entirely been lost to the historical record. It canvasses the barriers women have faced, and continue to face, and explains the determined strategies many of them have adopted to make their way.

Comprehensive, brave and surprising, Making Space is a remarkable contribution to both our architectural and our social history.

About the Author
Elizabeth Cox is a Wellington historian who specialises in both architectural and women’s history. She works as a Senior Historian at the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. Her book A Friend Indeed: The Saving of Old St Paul’s, about the battle to save Old St Paul’s Church in Wellington, was published in 2018. She has two blogs: one about the history of Old St Paul’s and one about Wellington’s heritage issues. She is also a Trustee of the Futuna Chapel in Wellington.


Massey University Press


250 x 220mm



Architecture, history

Publication Date
October 2022

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