Katherine Mansfield’s Europe: Station to Station

Book Author Redmer Yska
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Beautifully written and illustrated, Katherine Mansfield’s Europe is part travelogue, part literary biography, part detective story and part ghost story. Guided by Mansfield’s journals and letters, author Redmer Yska pursues the traces of her restless journeying in Europe, seeking out the places where she lived, worked and – a century ago this year – died. Along the way, he meets a cast of present-day Mansfield devotees who help shape his understanding of the impressions Mansfield left on their territories and how she is formally (and informally) commemorated in Europe.

In Katherine Mansfield’s Europe, Yska takes us to the villas, pensions, hotels, spas, railway stations, churches, towns, beaches and cities where Mansfield wrote some of her finest stories. Hauntingly, these are also places where she suffered from piercing loneliness and homesickness, rooms in which she endured illness and extreme physical hardship, windows from which she gazed as she grappled with her mortality.

With maps and stunning photography, this engaging and well-researched book richly illuminates Katherine Mansfield’s time in Europe and reveals her enduring presence in the places she frequented. Whether familiar or unfamiliar with Katherine Mansfield’s work and life, readers will find Yska’s account of her travels and travails in Europe freshly informative and deeply moving.

About the Author
Redmer Yska
is an award-winning writer and historian based in Wellington. He has published books on a range of subjects, including New Zealand youth culture, Dutch New Zealanders (like himself), a biography of Wellington City and a history of the tabloid newspaper, NZ Truth. This is Yska’s second book about Katherine Mansfield. His first, A Strange Beautiful Excitement: Katherine Mansfield’s Wellington (Otago University Press, 2017), was longlisted for the 2018 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards.


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Otago University Press


230 x 170 mm


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Biography / travelogue

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May 2023

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This ranging across genre, across landscape and time-scape, all held together with sharp observation and narrative flair, is quintessential Yska, doing what he does best'
This communion between Mansfield, Yska, the ‘foot soldiers’, and the reader, is enhanced by the book’s lavish production, which includes many stunning photographs, maps, and ephemera, all reproduced on thick, glossy pages

Sarah Russell for Aotearoa NZ Review of Books

We are with her, at her side, in her skin, seeing what she sees, feeling what she feels. That is an effect of her letters and journals, which are frequently quoted. But Yska’s writing enhances them. He is part scholar, part literary historian, but he is also a journalist of the highest calibre, who has gone to new, previously untapped sources.

CK Stead for Newsroom

This is a riveting footsteps-biography which will send readers back to Mansfield’s work with an even sharper sense of wonder that, under these dismaying circumstances, she managed to write anything at all. The lively evocation of the various journeys, past and present (enhanced by the book’s stunning photographs), the extensive archival research, the energising contributions of the modern-day guides: these represent the ‘skills and crafts and sensible magic’ that Yska so persuasively practises to bring back Mansfield’s ‘unattainable past’ and make it ‘alive in the present.

Harry Ricketts for Kete Books