Amorangi and Millie’s Trip through Time

Book Author Lauren Keenan
Rights Available World excl. NZ

Amorangi and Millie lost their mum. Their only clue to her whereabouts is a carving on a tree that says I’m in the past! Rescue me! To do this, Amorangi and Millie must travel up every branch of their family tree and collect an object from each ancestor they meet.They must then be back in the modern day before the sun sets, or they’ll all be trapped forever in the past. But can they do it in time? In their travels, the children experience aspects of events in New Zealand history, such as the invasion of Parihaka, the Great Depression, World War Two, the Musket Wars and the eruption of Mount Taranaki. They also experience changes in the town and landscape, the attitudes of people and the way people live their lives.

About the Author
Lauren Keenan
(Te Āti Awa ki Taranaki) is a writer of creative non-fiction, novels, short stories and popular psychology. Lauren was a winner at the 2017 Pikihuia Awards for Māori writers and a finalist in the 2019 awards. She was also a participant in Te Papa Tupu mentoring programme. Her short stories have appeared in Huia Short Stories collections in 2015, 2017 and 2019, and in 2020 her book The 52 Week Project was published. Lauren has a Master of Arts in History.


Huia Publishers


210  x 138mm



Junior Fiction

Age range
10-13 years

Publication Date
February 2023

Rights Available:
World excl. NZ

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Eboni Waitere

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a rollicking, funny and enlightening novel about two siblings who must travel back through time to find their mum who’s slipped back into somewhere in the past. It is a terrific premise.

Jane Arthur, GOOD BOOKS

Keenan has pitched this book perfectly to the intended independent reader too - it's the right length, has the right vocabulary and features concepts and content that readers are ready to tackle.

Rebekah Lyell, NZ Booklovers