Antarctica Cruising Guide

Book Authors  Peter Carey and Craig Franklin
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The best-selling guide for travellers to Antarctica on cruise ships and adventure boats, with 92% 4- and 5-star rating on Amazon and numerous great reviews from readers.

A beautiful full-colour guide, it covers all major locations and wildlife, and includes maps, photographs and even diagrams explaining the effects of claimate change on he continent. This fifth edition is packed with even more breathtaking photographs, wildlife descriptions, and detailed area maps. It includes fascinating, full accounts of interesting places, spectacular landscapes, and local plants and wildlife—from penguins and other birds to whales, seals, and myriad mammals.

A definitive field guide to Antarctica, this book caters to visitors travelling by luxury liner, adventure cruise, or private boat. Written by experienced Antarctic travellers and scientists who are recognized experts in the continent’s wildlife, conservation, and political history, this fifth edition pays special attention to explaining the threats to Antarctic conservation, including global warming, and includes tips on how visitors can minimize their own impact and help preserve this unique continent. It is fully indexed.


About the Author
Peter Carey
, Ph.D. is a zoologist and educational tourism consultant who has worked in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean since 1983. He has conducted research as a scientist with the New Zealand Antarctic Programme and the Australian Antarctic Program, and worked as an expedition leader and lecturer on many Antarctic cruise ships. Peter is the director of the SubAntarctic Foundation for Ecosystems Research (, a non-profit conservation organisation that is improving wildlife habitat in the Falkland Islands, and a Global Fellow of the Polar Institute of the Wilson Center.

Craig Franklin, Ph.D. Craig Franklin is a professor in biological sciences at The University of Queensland, Australia. He has undertaken more than 30 trips to Antarctica, including ten research expeditions as part of the New Zealand Antarctic Programme. He has published over 300 scientific works, including papers in the journals Nature, Science and Nature Climate Change. His research focuses on how animals such as fish, frogs and crocodiles can survive and function in extreme and hostile environments. Internationally, he is recognised as a leading proponent of the emerging field of conservation physiology and has a number of research projects assessing the impact of human-induced environmental change on animals. His research in Antarctica has assessed the impact of temperature increases on the physiology and survival of fish. Craig is a strong advocate of wildlife conservation and spends his annual holidays lecturing on cruise ships about the Antarctic ecosystem and its spectacular wildlife.


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Worth buying for the illustrations alone . . . some of the best photographs of Antarctic wildlife I have seen. A pleasant change from the standard ‘bird standing in the water’ shots of many field guides . . . an excellent souvenir for any passenger to the area.

Polar Record

This is a gorgeous book with all you ever wanted to know about the Earth’s most unusual and inspiring destination . . . Even those who don’t plan to go to Antarctica any time soon will love this inspirational book.