Brain Tricks

Book Author & Illustrator  Rose Stanley & Lisa Allen
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Brain Tricks by Rose Stanley & Lisa Allen encourages children to appreciate the transformational power of their own amazing brain! In a constantly changing world, children can experience a myriad of emotions, and at times feel endlessly buffeted about by life. This book provides a hope-laden message: they hold within themselves the key to better understand their emotions and the vital role they play.

• The words & illustrations provide a wonderful synergy, combining an appealing playfulness with the reality of emotional pain and hurt.
• Empowers children by normalising and identifying the unhelpful yet common ways we try to avoid our painful emotions.
• Written in a quirky style that opens up opportunity for children to begin a conversation with an adult about healthy ways to cope with more challenging emotions such as anger, worry and disappointment.
• Developed with the assistance of professionals who work with children in education, counselling and social work, this book draws on the basic principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. CBT is widely used as an effective treatment for children in the areas of anxiety, depression and ADHD.
• Laid out in an uncluttered format in order to aid children who have sensory processing sensitivities.
• Free resources available via website: colouring, worksheets and lesson plans for parents and educators to use alongside Brain Tricks.


About the Author
Rose Stanley
is an unabashed collector of teapots. She loves nothing better than sipping a hot tea as she ‘broods’ over her next writing project. Rose has worked with children in many roles over the years, mostly in a school environment, and has found them to be her best teachers, providing a fascinating mix of honesty and humour. Her favourite pastimes are: teaching her brain new tricks, reading, swimming in the clear, fresh waters of Lake Taupo and taking a walk in the NZ bush. Rose was born in Auckland, New Zealand, where she currently lives with her husband Tony and has three grown children who have all flown the nest. Visit her website.

Lisa Allen is an illustrator & designer based in Muriwai on Auckland’s west coast. She works mainly on children’s books and has a variety of distinctly different illustration styles across a range of media. Lisa has four children, two cats and a dog who loves to eat shoes! Visit her website.


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Picture Book

Age Range
8+ years

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World excl. NZ

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Brain Tricks is a very cute little book that cleverly introduces key concepts about emotions for children.
Oh, how I wish I had learned about all this as a kid!

Dr. Susan Biali Haas M.D, Psychology Today

The humour makes the book so appealing to children; the words and illustrations match each other marvellously and the truth contained in it is so important for us all to grasp.